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The gothic building art developped in the 12th century out of the Romanesque buildings. It was mainly a technical evolution, that allowed to replace massive walls with small windows by an architecture of supporting points, between which thin walls and/or large windows became possible. The Gothic architecture was dominated by high cross ribvaultings with pointed arches, supported by clustered columns, buttresses, flying buttresses, pointed arches (though in the beginning, above porches and windows still round arches were used). Gothic buildings give an strong feeling of height. The walls(having lost their carrying function), disappeared to make place for radial chapels and side chapels, triforia and large windows, often containing beautifully stained glass. Trefoil- and quatrefoil were in, as well as trilobates. Flying buttresses got beautiful pinnacles, decorated by crockets. Normally, the gothic period is divided in 3:

  1. Early gothic (12th century). Often still windows with round arches.
  2. High gothic (13th and 14th century). During this period, the style is present all over Europe, and the cruisades carry it along to the East. Windoew take almost the full with between the buttresses, building become higher and higher... Porches are under greatly decorated pointed arches, and window become lancets...
  3. Late gothic. Evolution into the Baroque direction, often with non-functional treatment of building elements, more flamboyant forms and complicated vaultings.
There are important geographical differences, often caused by the fact that not everywhere, the same material was available to construct the buildings with. In this way, we know Brabantion gothic, Polder gothic, Demer gothic en Maas gothic. The name 'Gothic' was given later, by Italian Renaissance 'art historians' (like a certain Vasari who lived from 1551 till 1574). They thought that those 'lesser, unpure buildings' only could have come from the spirit of 'primitive' people. They pointed to the migrating 'Goths'. In the 1704 Dictionnaire de Trévoux 'gotique' had become a synomym for 'grossier', meaning raw and ponderous. Sympathy for this style of building only revived at the end of the 18th and during the 19th century.


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1Gothic example Town hallTown hall
Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Gothic, Neo-gothic, ridgeturret, roofturret, boss, lancet, doorway (porch), sandstone, tracery, crocket, finial, cross ribvaulting, diagonal rib vault, Escausine stone, trilobate, trefoil tracery, statue (as an ornament), bell, iron, wing, aisle, wrought iron, facade, balcony, brass, Matheus De Layens
MONS5.5 / 1458
2Gothic example Sint-Matern' basilicaSint-Matern' basilica
Keywords:Church, Gothic, Norman (Romanesque), pearspire, baptismal font, statue (as an ornament), polychromy, tabernacle, high altar, main altar, choir stalls, cross ribvaulting, diagonal rib vault, ambulatory, gargouille, rood loft, choir screen, pinnacle, stellar vaulting, pulpit, confessional, finial, crocket, choir, chancel, white stone, painted ceiling, gable, triumph cross, flying buttress, transept, breastwork, parapet, spire, open work, column dividing a window or door, crossing, trilobate, trefoil tracery, doorway (porch), chapter church, window with round arch, bay, span, buttress, nave, crossing tower, stained glass, ridgeturret, roofturret, triumpharc, tower, P. Langerock
WALCOURT5.7 / ~ 1225
3Gothic example City hallCity hall
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Illuminated, Belfry, bell-tower, Gothic, Brabantion Gothic, spire, statue (as an ornament), copper, gargouille, flying buttress, tower, baldachin (canopy), crocket, Jacob (Jacques) Van Thienen, Maarten van Rode, Jan van Ruysbroeck
4Gothic example Saint-Baafs' cathedralSaint-Baafs' cathedral
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Cathedral, Gothic, Brabantion Gothic, Scheldt Gothic, Norman (Romanesque), transept, chapter church, retable, pulpit, nave, choir, chancel, support tower, ambulatory, crypt, Stone from Doornik, radial chapel, mausoleum, Pieter Paul Rubens, Jan Van Eyck
GHENT5.7 / ~ 1300
5Gothic example Abbey Villers-la-VilleAbbey Villers-la-Ville
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Abbey, convent, monastery, Ruins, Church, Gothic, buttress, window with round arch, lancet, transept, nave, bullion (oculus), choir, chancel, cross ribvaulting, diagonal rib vault, three-aisled, tunnel vault (barrel vault), saddleback roof, Cistercienzers
6Gothic example Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Hemelvaartskerk (te Watervliet)Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Hemelvaartskerk (te Watervliet)
(Picture by Jean-Pierre Pottelancie (thanks!))
Keywords:Church, Gothic, Neo-gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Late gothic, pulpit, organ, breastwork, parapet, three-aisled, transept, nave, choir, chancel, crossing, bay, span, painting, ambulatory, radial chapel, communion rail, choir stalls, statue (as an ornament), triptych, high altar, main altar, mausoleum, marble, inner hall, Hendrik Pulinx, Gebroeders Loncke, Boudewijn Ledou, Auguste Van Assche, Keldermans, Jacob d'Artois, Joos de Laval, P. Aelman, Simon Pieters, Jacob Sauvage, Gaspar de Craeyer, Lucas Faid'herbe, Daniël Seghers
7Gothic example Saint-Lambert's church (in kessel)Saint-Lambert's church (in kessel)
Keywords:Church, Gothic, spiral staircase, corbelstone, choir stalls, verticalising effect, lancet, confessional, sandstone, cross ribvaulting, diagonal rib vault, pulpit, staircase turret, staircase tower, three-aisled, nave, choir, chancel, tower, reliquary, statue (as an ornament), painting, Fr. Bastiaens, Leonard Blomme, J. Heylen, Hiéronymus Convent
8Gothic example Belfry, bell-tower and clothmakers' hallBelfry, bell-tower and clothmakers' hall
Keywords:Belfry, bell-tower, Hall, Gothic, tower, cross ribvaulting, diagonal rib vault, clockwork, carillon, cast iron
GHENT5.9 / 1313
9Gothic example Saint-John the Baptist church (Werchter)Saint-John the Baptist church (Werchter)
Keywords:Church, Gothic, layer of bacon, sandstone, choir, chancel, iron sandstone holding limonite, western tower, transept, nave, staircase turret, staircase tower, sacristy
10Gothic example Saint-Jacob's churchSaint-Jacob's church
Keywords:Church, Gothic, pointed arch, choir, chancel, nave, tower, semi-circular (round) arch, wall painting
TOURNAI5.6 / ~ 1215
11Gothic example Abbey barn Ter Doest (in Lissewege)Abbey barn Ter Doest (in Lissewege)
Keywords:Landscape, Farm, Abbey, convent, monastery, Gothic, brick, open truss, buttress, saddleback roof, hand-moulded brick, facade, oak wood, Cistercienzers
BRUGGE5.4 / ~ 1275
12Gothic example Sint-GummaruskerkSint-Gummaruskerk
Keywords:Church, Gothic, Brabantion Gothic, High Gothic, Rococo, Late baroque, tower, tower roofing
LIER5.2 / 1425
13Gothic example MarbolMarbol
Keywords:Pump, Gothic, ledestone, balegemstone, tabernacle, crocket, pillar
14Gothic example Saint-Martin's and Saint-Nicolas' church (former cathedral)Saint-Martin's and Saint-Nicolas' church (former cathedral)
Keywords:Church, Cathedral, Gothic, Scheldt Gothic, Brabantion Gothic, flying buttress, doorway (porch), tympanum, spire, rose window, nave, triforium, lancet arch, sandstone, threelight, brick, western block, choir, chancel, transept, mausoleum, Jules Homère Martin Coomans, P.A. Pauwels, Robrecht van Bethune
IEPER5.6 / 1221
15Gothic example Sint-MartinuskerkSint-Martinuskerk
Keywords:Church, Gothic, Baroque, crossing tower, arched corbel course, flanking aisle, side aisle, altar, arcade, communion rail, ribbed vault, pillar, pier, high altar, main altar, wood-carving, wood-engraving, wainscotting, panelwork, paneling, dado, statue (as an ornament), choir stalls, marble, pointed arch, vault, nave, glass frame, corbelstone, crossing, cruciform church, pulpit, tub, vat, stairs, medaillon, choir, chancel, niche, organ, Corinthian column, confessional, layer of bacon, Jan Baptist De Vree, Theodoor Sachman, Philippus Talboom, gebroeders Aegidius, Judocus De Cauwer, Herregouts, Lucas Faid'herbe, Pieter Paul Rubens, Guillaume of Willem Kerricx de Oudere, J.B. Capronnier, Peeters-Divoort
BEVEREN5.5 / ~ 1200
16Gothic example Belfry, bell-towerBelfry, bell-tower
Keywords:Belfry, bell-tower, World Heritage, Gothic, spire, tower
TOURNAI5.7 / ~ 1188
17Gothic example Église Notre-Dame - Église abbatialeÉglise Notre-Dame - Église abbatiale
Keywords:Church, Grave, graveyard, Museum, Maas romanesque, Gothic, Merovingian, baptismal font, semi-circular (round) arch, doorway (porch), crypt, gallery, staircase turret, staircase tower, limestone, nave, western block, lancet, flanking aisle, side aisle, sarcophagus, tympanum, wall painting, choir, chancel
HASTIERE5.4 / ~ 1035
18Gothic example Saint-Salvators' cathedralSaint-Salvators' cathedral
Keywords:Cathedral, Illuminated, Gothic, Neo-Romanesque, Baroque, Early gothic, clustered column, pier arch, church treasure, choir, chancel, reliquary, cross ribvaulting, diagonal rib vault, pulpit, lectern, stellar vaulting, shaft, mausoleum, organ, triforium, tower, rood loft, choir screen, radial chapel, spire, arched corbel course, buttress, polychromy, nave, staircase turret, staircase tower, brick, tapestry, ambulatory, Jan Vanden Poele, Robert Cantrell, Eugène Carpentier, Pierre Buyck
BRUGES5.8 / ~ 1275
19Gothic example Our Ladies' BasilicaOur Ladies' Basilica
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Gothic, Norman (Romanesque), lectern, candlestick, organ, retable, basilica, altar
TONGEREN5.5 / ~ 1140
20Gothic example Belfry or bell-tower of BrugesBelfry or bell-tower of Bruges
Keywords:Belfry, bell-tower, City view, Illuminated, Hall, Gothic, Renaissance, open truss, belfry window, inner court, carillon, galery, bell, fourcentred arch, Tudor arch, crenel (merlon), crenelation, battlement, guerite tower, turret, balcony, copper, corbeling out, breastwork, parapet, pointed arch, lancet, stone, round gallery, open work, pinnacle, flying buttress, tracery, pointed arched corbel course, Lanceloot Blondeel
21Gothic example Johannes the Baptist churchJohannes the Baptist church
Keywords:Church, Gothic, layer of bacon, a secco, wall painting, tower, carillon, bell
WAVRE5.4 / ~ 1480
22Gothic example 't Sestich house't Sestich house
Keywords:Gentleman's house, School, university, Gothic, stepped gable, gable, pointed arch, lancet arch, Brugian span, trilobate, trefoil tracery, trefoil arch, quatrefoil
LEUVEN5.9 / ~ 1450
23Gothic example Cows' GateCows' Gate
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Town gate, Gothic, pointed arch, brick, tabernacle, embrasure, stepped gable, saddleback roof, trilobate, trefoil tracery
24Gothic example Holy Virgin and Saint Boniface's church (in Arquennes)Holy Virgin and Saint Boniface's church (in Arquennes)
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Church, Gothic, choir, chancel
25Gothic example Saint Catherines' churchSaint Catherines' church
Keywords:Church, Gothic, tunnel vault (barrel vault), hall-church, brick, tower
26Gothic example Our-Ladies Church (in Pommeroeul)Our-Ladies Church (in Pommeroeul)
Keywords:Church, Gothic, pointed arch, tower, spire, tunnel vault (barrel vault), tower shell, pulpit, cast iron
27Gothic example The Arms of SealandThe Arms of Sealand
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Gothic, Louis XIV
GHENT5.4 / 1702
28Gothic example Saint-Nicholas churchSaint-Nicholas church
Keywords:Gothic, choir, chancel, nave, flanking aisle, side aisle, central aisle, tower
29Gothic example Saint-Jacques' churchSaint-Jacques' church
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Church, Gothic, Renaissance, Norman (Romanesque), Late gothic, Maas romanesque, stellar vaulting, organ-case, organ, western block, chapter church, stained glass, statue (as an ornament), window with round arch, lancet, polychromy, tunnel vault (barrel vault), radial chapel, rib, herve, joist, clustered column, triforium, quatrefoil, saving niche, trilobate, trefoil tracery, pearspire, festoon, swag, central aisle, brick, triumpharc, medaillon, dado, socle, crypt, flanking aisle, side aisle, doorway (porch), A. van Mulcken, Balderik II, Benedictijnen, Lambert Lombard, Jean Del Cour
LIEGE5.6 /
30Gothic example Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Hemelvaartskerk (te Eksaarde)Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Hemelvaartskerk (te Eksaarde)
Picture by Jean-Pierre Pottelancie

Keywords:Church, Gothic, newel, organ, pulpit, statue (as an ornament), crossing tower, transept, semi-circular (round) arch, belfry window, capital, flanking aisle, side aisle, crocket, pillar, central aisle, Jan Bremser
31Gothic example Onze-Lieve-Vrouw Geboortekerk (te Desteldonk)Onze-Lieve-Vrouw Geboortekerk (te Desteldonk)
Picture by Jean-Pierre Pottelancie

Keywords:Church, Gothic
GENT5.5 /
32Gothic example Sint-MartinuskerkSint-Martinuskerk
(Picture by Jean-Pierre Pottelancie (thanks!))
Keywords:Church, Gothic, hall-church
33Gothic example Our Ladies' church (in Oelegem)Our Ladies' church (in Oelegem)
Keywords:Church, Gothic, spire, tower shell, tower, tombstone, grave stone, statue (as an ornament), polychromy
RANST5.4 /
34Gothic example House with wooden facade - Jan Brouckaerd's HouseHouse with wooden facade - Jan Brouckaerd's House
Keywords:Gothic, wooden facade, trilobate, trefoil tracery, corbeling out, gable, rood loft, choir screen
GHENT5.7 /
35Gothic example The CoinThe Coin
Keywords:Horeca, Gothic, facade, stone, trilobate, trefoil tracery, cross-bar frame, pointed gable, tracery, Brugian span, finial, fourcentred arch, Tudor arch
36Gothic example Saint-Michaels' cathedral (Saint-Michael and  Sainte-Gudule)Saint-Michaels' cathedral (Saint-Michael and Sainte-Gudule)
(From Place Sainte-Gudule)
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Cathedral, Gothic, pulpit, lancet, confessional, net or lierne vaulting, western tower, glass frame, transept, doorway (porch), stained glass, mausoleum, clustered column, chapter church, cross ribvaulting, diagonal rib vault, nave, altar, marble, bronze, church treasure, silver, Jan Baptist van der Haeghen, Verbruggen (Verbrugghen), Jan van Delen, Louis de Curte, Erasmus en Artus Quellin, Gilles de Briedere, Jan van Ruysbroeck, Norbertijnen, Jan Delporte, Duquesnoy, Cornelis Floris de Vriendt (Floris), Willem Geefs
BRUSSELS6 / ~ 1220
37Gothic example Our Ladies churchOur Ladies church
Keywords:Church, Gothic, Neo-gothic, triumph cross, church treasure, pier, triumpharc, organ, solar monstrance, western tower, breastwork, parapet, tower, nave, three-aisled, gallery, ridgeturret, roofturret, choir, chancel, flanking aisle, side aisle, Karel Dillens, J. van den Eynde, Lodewijk Roelandt
38Gothic example Abbeychurch Saint PeterAbbeychurch Saint Peter
Keywords:Church, Gothic, Neo-gothic, lancet, hall-church, brick, crossing tower, transept, choir, chancel, iron sandstone holding limonite, crocket, Jules Homère Martin Coomans, Jules-J. Van Ysendyck
LO-RENINGE5.5 / ~ 1221
39Gothic example West-gateWest-gate
Keywords:Town gate, Gothic
LO-RENINGE5.5 / ~ 1250
40Gothic example HallsHalls
Keywords:Hall, Gothic, iron sandstone holding limonite, sandstone, finial, buttress, baldachin (canopy), console, modillion, bracket
41Gothic example House of the free boatsmenHouse of the free boatsmen
Keywords:Guildhall, Illuminated, Late gothic, Gothic, Renaissance, basket-handle arch, finial, tympanum, Christoffel vanden Berghe
GHENT5.3 /
42Gothic example Saint-Martin churchSaint-Martin church
Keywords:Church, Gothic, Late gothic, Neo-gothic, doorway (porch), tabernacle, cross ribvaulting, diagonal rib vault, western tower, hall-church, transept, spire, stone of Avesnes, organ, three-aisled, choir, chancel, bay, span, P. Schyven, Henrik Maurice, Gebroeders Loncke, Pierre Nicolas Croquison
43Gothic example Spanish PavilionSpanish Pavilion
Keywords:Court of justice, Courthouse, justice of the peace court, Town hall, city hall, Gothic, keep, donjon, Ambrosius Roelants
VEURNE5.6 / 1448
44Gothic example Saint-Andreas and GislenuschurchSaint-Andreas and Gislenuschurch
Keywords:Church, Gothic, transept, ledestone, balegemstone, saddleback roof, western tower, choir, chancel, flanking aisle, side aisle, organ, cross ribvaulting, diagonal rib vault, baptismal font, rood loft, choir screen, Hendrik Cousijn, van Peteghem, Antoon van den Heuvel, Pieter Paul Rubens
SINT-NIKLAAS5.2 / ~ 1390
45Gothic example Hof van GruuthuuseHof van Gruuthuuse
Keywords:Museum, Palace, Statue, Gothic, Neo-gothic, dormer, Brugian span, pointed arch, stone, pointed gable, tympanum, breastwork, parapet, cross-bar frame, galery, tabernacle, tunnel vault (barrel vault), console, modillion, bracket, Louis Delacenserie
46Gothic example Saint-Ursmer te BincheSaint-Ursmer te Binche
Keywords:Gothic, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Baroque, chapter church, reliquary, wainscotting, panelwork, paneling, dado, belfry window, chalice, goblet, beaker, baptismal font, balustrade, railing, side altar, weather vane, oak wood, column, crucifix, pietà , holy-water font, stoup, church treasure, ribbed vault, choir stalls, arcade, nave, pulpit, ogive or ogee arch, Escausine stone, chapel (in church or other building), lantern roof, lantern tower, parclose, sandstone, window threshold, marble, doorway (porch), brick, organ, flanking aisle, side aisle, rood loft, choir screen
47Gothic example Our-Ladies' church (in Veulen)Our-Ladies' church (in Veulen)
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Church, Gothic, Neo-gothic, flanking aisle, side aisle, ceiling, tower, painting
HEERS5.5 /
48Gothic example Genuese LogeGenuese Loge
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Guildhall, Gothic, lancet, tympanum, tympanum, trilobate, trefoil tracery, tracery, ledestone, balegemstone, quatrefoil, doorway (porch), facade, bell-shaped gable, gable, pillar, corbelstone, nave, aisle, cellar
BRUGES5.2 / 1399
49Gothic example Saint Martin's churchSaint Martin's church
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Church, Gothic, reliquary, bust, glass frame, silver, basilica, wallwalk (inner gallery), half-relief, tower, flanking aisle, side aisle, nave, transept
VISE5.6 /
50Gothic example Saint-Julien's churchSaint-Julien's church
Keywords:Church, Gothic, Neo-classicism, tower, carillon, choir, chancel, Gabriel François Florent
ATH5.6 /
51Gothic example Saint Martin's church (in Velzeke Ruddershove)Saint Martin's church (in Velzeke Ruddershove)
Picture by Jean-Pierre Pottelancie

Keywords:Church, Norman (Romanesque), Gothic, choir, chancel, pointed arch, altar, western tower
52Gothic example Saint-Etiennes' church (in Seilles)Saint-Etiennes' church (in Seilles)
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Church, Gothic, Norman (Romanesque), column dividing a window or door, window with round arch, choir, chancel, limestone, lancet, baptismal font, flanking aisle, side aisle, tombstone, grave stone, polychromy, doorway (porch), belfry window, marble, tower, fresco
53Gothic example Saint-Etiennes' church (in Walhorn)Saint-Etiennes' church (in Walhorn)
Keywords:Church, Gothic, Norman (Romanesque), choir, chancel, nave, tower, baptismal font, grave cross
54Gothic example Saint Peter's church (in Nederbrakel)Saint Peter's church (in Nederbrakel)
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Gothic, belfry window, pulpit, pointed arch, western tower, staircase turret, staircase tower, carillon, Damianus De Staercke
55Gothic example Saint John Decapitation Church (in Schellebelle)Saint John Decapitation Church (in Schellebelle)
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Church, Gothic, Rococo, organ, ledestone, balegemstone, flanking aisle, side aisle, transept, buttress, spire, confessional, calvary, brick, doorway (porch), choir, chancel, slate, slatestone, stuccowork, western tower, van Peteghem, Gaspar de Craeyer
56Gothic example Sint-Bavokerk (te Gijzenzele)Sint-Bavokerk (te Gijzenzele)
Picture by Jean-Pierre Pottelancie

Keywords:Church, Gothic, choir, chancel, ledestone, balegemstone
57Gothic example Saint-Peter and Saint-Martin's churchSaint-Peter and Saint-Martin's church
(Picture by Jean-Pierre Pottelancie (thanks!!))
Keywords:Church, Neo-gothic, Gothic, Norman (Romanesque), hall-church, transept, crossing, tower, stone, choir, chancel
58Gothic example Sint-CorneliuskerkSint-Corneliuskerk
(Picture by Jean-Pierre Pottelancie (thanks!!))
Keywords:Church, Late gothic, Gothic, bust, nave, transept, flanking aisle, side aisle, Julius Goethals
59Gothic example Saint-Christoph's churchSaint-Christoph's church
Keywords:Church, Gothic, Late gothic, tower shell, western tower, flanking aisle, side aisle, choir, chancel, nave, spire, Belgian limestone or bluestone, confessional, altar, choir stalls, pulpit, Stuyck
LONDERZEEL5.5 / ~ 1250
60Gothic example Our Lady going to Heaven churchOur Lady going to Heaven church
Keywords:Church, Gothic, Norman (Romanesque), Classicism, belfry window, column dividing a window or door, choir, chancel, sandstone, transept, semi-circular (round) arch, tower, staircase turret, staircase tower, sacristy, brick, nave, three-aisled
BOUTERSEM5.5 / ~ 1150
61Gothic example Ruins of the Saint Bavon's abbeyeRuins of the Saint Bavon's abbeye
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Abbey, convent, monastery, Ruins, Norman (Romanesque), Gothic, chapter room or house, column dividing a window or door, refectorium, Benedictijnen
GHENT5.6 /
62Gothic example Ghent GateGhent Gate
Keywords:Town gate, Illuminated, Gothic, pointed arch, tabernacle, statue (as an ornament), cross-bar frame, staircase turret, staircase tower, trilobate, trefoil tracery, tracery, tympanum, tower, cross ribvaulting, diagonal rib vault, Jan van Oudenaerde
63Gothic example Saint John the Baptist and Evangelist churchSaint John the Baptist and Evangelist church
Keywords:Church, Baroque, Gothic, Brabantion Gothic, high altar, main altar, painting, half-relief, confessional, triptych, reliquary, pulpit, statue (as an ornament), organ, choir stalls, lancet, organ-case, marble, tombstone, grave stone, western tower, tub, vat, central aisle, bust, three-aisled, choir, chancel, sandstone, moulding, transept, chapel (in church or other building), pointed arch, horizontalising effect, nave, tunnel vault (barrel vault), window with round arch, oak wood, belfry window, putti, stuccowork, Pieter Paul Rubens, Franchoys, Nicolaas van der Veken, Pieter Valckx, Theodoor Verhaegen, Lucas Faid'herbe, Willem Herreyns, Gaspar de Craeyer, Jacob Jordaens, Duquesnoy
64Gothic example Saint Peter & Paul's churchSaint Peter & Paul's church
Keywords:Church, Gothic, organ-case, bell, terra cotta, pulpit, belfry window, high altar, main altar, confessional, painting, calvary, statue (as an ornament), western tower, baptismal font, three-aisled, Belgian limestone or bluestone, tunnel vault (barrel vault), nave, choir, chancel, transept, F.J. Verbruecken
65Gothic example Our Ladies' churchOur Ladies' church
Keywords:Church, Gothic, Baroque, Norman (Romanesque), tombstone, grave stone, crossing tower, rood loft, choir screen, copper, baptismal font, altar, alabaster, Stone from Doornik, pulpit, marble, choir, chancel, baluster, Anton (Anthonie) van Dyck, Erasmus en Artus Quellin, Gaspar de Craeyer, van den Eynden, Mattheus van Beveren
66Gothic example Saint-MartinchurchSaint-Martinchurch
Keywords:Church, Neo-Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Norman (Romanesque), rood beam, ceiling, tympanum, doorway (porch), apse, apsis, semi-circular (round) arch, pointed arch, nave, choir, chancel, tower, mouldings, dripstone moulding, medaillon, E. Serrure
SINT-TRUIDEN5.5 / ~ 1550
67Gothic example Our-Ladies' churchOur-Ladies' church
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Church, Illuminated, Early gothic, Gothic, Scheldt Gothic, Renaissance, spire, brick, mausoleum, tower, wall painting, bronze, flying buttress, balustrade, railing, organ, gallery, triumph cross, open work, nave, threelight, transept, choir, chancel, radial chapel, Stone from Doornik, ambulatory, buttress, turret, triforium, doorway (porch), western block, Jan Aerts, Jacob Jonghelinck, Louis Delacenserie, Jean-Brunon Rudd, Charles De Wulf, Michelangelo, Gaspar de Craeyer, Gerard David, Pourbus, Adriaan Isenbrandt, Ysenbrandt
68Gothic example Saint-John's hospitalSaint-John's hospital
Keywords:Hospital, medical, Gothic, brick, staircase turret, staircase tower
DAMME5.3 /
69Gothic example The Big StarThe Big Star
Keywords:Gothic, outer wall pier, buttress, Brugian span, chimneyhood
DAMME5.2 / ~ 1350
70Gothic example Sint-MartinuskerkSint-Martinuskerk
Keywords:Church, Brabantion Gothic, Louis XV, Gothic, Neo-gothic, meridian line, pinnacle, vaultal painting, stellar vaulting, painting, altar, chapter church, oak wood, crossing tower, ledestone, balegemstone, doorway (porch), ambulatory, crossing, nave, radial chapel, choir, chancel, portico, breastwork, parapet, triforium, Herman de Waghemakere, Keldermans, Jan Van Wouwe, Geraard Spillebaut, Pieter Paul Rubens, Jan Van der Moeren, Julius Goethals, Jean-Baptist Bethune, Gillis Nechelput
AALST5.3 / 1480
71Gothic example Town hall and belfryTown hall and belfry
Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Belfry, bell-tower, Hall, Gothic, sandstone, doorway (porch), pointed arch, Jacques du Broeucq
BINCHE5.6 / ~ 1350
72Gothic example Butcher's Hall - Sound of the CityButcher's Hall - Sound of the City
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Museum, Guildhall, Gothic, layer of bacon, Domien de Waghemakere
73Gothic example Our Ladies CathedralOur Ladies Cathedral
(Seen from the town hall)
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Cathedral, Brabantion Gothic, Late gothic, Gothic, Neo-classicism, Neo-gothic, doorway (porch), clustered column, spire, gablet, arcade, triforium, breastwork, parapet, catheder, inner hall, choir, chancel, pulpit, nave, aisle, central aisle, side altar, organ-case, high altar, main altar, tower, confessional, organ, tombstone, grave stone, brass, Pieter Paul Rubens, Michiel. Senior van der Voort (ook Vervoort), Hendrik Van Thienen, Keldermans, J. Blom, Everard van Veeweyden (Spoorwater), Jan Tac, Peter Appelmans, Jan Baptist van Wint, Verbruggen (Verbrugghen), Domien de Waghemakere, Erasmus en Artus Quellin, Guillaume of Willem Kerricx de Oudere, P. Schyven, F. Durlet, L. Willemsen, M. de Vos, Francken, A. van Noort, Joseph Bascourt
ANTWERP6.5 / 1352
74Gothic example Saint-Gangulfus' churchSaint-Gangulfus' church
Keywords:Church, Norman (Romanesque), Gothic, triumph cross, pillar, pier, semi-circular (round) arch, cruciform church, western tower, apse, apsis, nave, central aisle, three-aisled, half-relief, transept, tympanum, window with round arch, choir, chancel, lancet, marl stone, flanking aisle, side aisle
75Gothic example The BalanceThe Balance
Keywords:Guildhall, Gothic, Renaissance, pointed gable, obelisk, facade, pillar, pinnacle, Belgian limestone or bluestone, Bruno Gerrits
76Gothic example Saint Ann's hospiceSaint Ann's hospice
Keywords:Hospice, house of God, Gothic
77Gothic example Our Ladies' chruchOur Ladies' chruch
Picture by Jean-Pierre Pottelancie

Keywords:Church, Gothic, Neo-gothic, crypt, organ, confessional, pulpit, rood loft, choir screen, choir, chancel, fronton, central aisle, bronze, flanking aisle, side aisle, pointed arch, crossing tower, ledestone, balegemstone, stained glass, carillon, A. Bressers
78Gothic example Saint Anna's churchSaint Anna's church
Picture by Jos Henckens

Keywords:Church, Norman (Romanesque), Early gothic, Maas romanesque, Gothic, western block, nave, limestone, choir, chancel, arched corbel course, marl stone, lancet, flanking aisle, side aisle, tombstone, grave stone, statue (as an ornament), pointed arch, belfry window, cornice (corona), tower, triumph cross, Benedictijnen
79Gothic example Saint-Stephanus' church (in 's Herenelderen)Saint-Stephanus' church (in 's Herenelderen)
Keywords:Church, Late gothic, Gothic, Baroque, lancet, marl stone, tracery, trilobate, trefoil tracery, three-aisled, trefoil arch, painting, medaillon, high altar, main altar, tombstone, grave stone, retable, flanking aisle, side aisle, stained glass, stairhall, confessional, choir, chancel, triumph cross, Lohest
80Gothic example Saint-Dennis' churchSaint-Dennis' church
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Church, Classicism, Gothic, Renaissance, Louis XV, single-aisled, baptismal font, high altar, main altar, oak wood, tombstone, grave stone, J.B. Chermanne
81Gothic example Saint-Denis' churchSaint-Denis' church
Picture by Jochem Baas

Keywords:Church, Norman (Romanesque), Maas romanesque, Rococo, Gothic, lancet arch, window with round arch, eagle lectern, chapter church, organ, high altar, main altar, statue (as an ornament), carara marble, staircase turret, staircase tower, apse, apsis, western block, choir, chancel, transept, central aisle, gradin, retable, flanking aisle, side aisle, pulpit, sandstone, nave, limestone, browne stone from Lorraine, organ-case, brick, tower, church treasure, slate, slatestone, rood loft, choir screen, Cornelis Van der Veken, Guillaume Evrard, Gérard Van der Planck, Lambert Lombard, Arnold de Hontoir
LIEGE5.5 / ~ 987
82Gothic example Sint-Medarduskerk (te Ursel)Sint-Medarduskerk (te Ursel)
(Picture by Jean-Pierre Pottelancie (thanks!))
Keywords:Gothic, Neo-gothic, pulpit, choir, chancel, Karel Bruggeman
83Gothic example Sint-Servatiuskerk (te Groot-Loon)Sint-Servatiuskerk (te Groot-Loon)
Keywords:Church, Norman (Romanesque), Gothic, grave cross, choir, chancel, nave, tower, window with round arch, single-aisled, stone
84Gothic example Sint-LaurentiuskerkSint-Laurentiuskerk
(Picture by Jean-Pierre Pottelancie (thanks!))
Keywords:Church, Gothic, three-aisled, western tower, central aisle, hall-church, confessional, communion rail, side altar, choir stalls, Rijkaard Brouckman, Hendrik Pulinx
85Gothic example Saint-Maurits' churchSaint-Maurits' church
Picture by Jean-Pierre Pottelancie

Keywords:Church, Gothic, Late Romanesque (Norman), crossing tower, parclose
86Gothic example Sint-Ghislenuskerk te WaarschootSint-Ghislenuskerk te Waarschoot
(Picture by Jean-Pierre Pottelancie (thanks!!))
Keywords:Church, Gothic, western tower, transept, organ, three-aisled, choir, chancel, confessional, pulpit, communion rail, painting, J. Reygaert, Hendrik Pulinx, Gaspar de Craeyer, Matthias Visch, Otto Van Veen
87Gothic example Heers CastleHeers Castle
Keywords:Castle, Maas Renaissance, Gothic, layer of bacon, marl stone, brick
HEERS5.6 /
88Gothic example Church Saint-Etienne (in Waha)Church Saint-Etienne (in Waha)
Keywords:Grave, graveyard, Church, Tree, Norman (Romanesque), Gothic, spire, nave, tower, reliquary, baptismal font, tombstone, grave stone, embrasure, side altar, three-aisled, window with round arch, calvary, tabernacle, flanking aisle, side aisle, scutcheon, armorial bearings, coat of arms, ceiling, polychromy, trilobate, trefoil tracery
Keywords:Horeca, Modern, Gothic, cellar, Arrow
90Gothic example Saint-Lamberts' church (in Corroy-le-Château)Saint-Lamberts' church (in Corroy-le-Château)
Keywords:Church, Gothic, lancet, transept
91Gothic example Holy Ghost chapelHoly Ghost chapel
Keywords:Chapel, Theatre, Gothic
92Gothic example Saint-Peters' churchSaint-Peters' church
Keywords:Church, Brabantion Gothic, High Gothic, Gothic, cross ribvaulting, diagonal rib vault, pulpit, rood loft, choir screen, ambulatory, sandstone, transept, church treasure, radial chapel, clustered column, silver, mausoleum, gargouille, tub, vat, statue (as an ornament), flying buttress, buttress, nave, sculpture group, scalemodel, tabernacle, choir stalls, oak wood, baptismal font, crypt, brass, Jacob Bergé, Matheus De Layens, Keldermans, Sulpitius van Vorst, Joost Metsys, Premonstratiënzers, Nicolaas de Bruyne, Gerard Goris
93Gothic example All Saints churchAll Saints church
Keywords:Church, Norman (Romanesque), Gothic, Neo-Romanesque, crossing tower, semi-circular (round) arch, capital, theotheque, statue (as an ornament), crucifix, three-aisled, cul de lampe, baldachin (canopy), staircase turret, staircase tower, noth transepts, sandstone, pillar, domed vault, spherical vault, choir, chancel, niche, transept, pendentive, pearspire, baptismal font, central aisle, tunnel vault (barrel vault)
BERNISSART5.2 / ~ 1150
94Gothic example Saint Germaine ChurchSaint Germaine Church
Keywords:Church, Norman (Romanesque), Gothic, Early gothic, High Gothic, window with round arch, bell, column dividing a window or door, lancet, transept, layer of bacon, tracery, quartzite, carillon, western tower, sandstone, spire, baptismal font, statue (as an ornament), triforium, tower, nave, choir, chancel, organ-case, P. Langerock, Auguste Van Assche
95Gothic example Ecaussinnes-Lalaing castleEcaussinnes-Lalaing castle
Keywords:Castle, Museum, Gothic, tower, clockwork, ridgeturret, roofturret, ceiling, chapel (in church or other building), lantern roof, lantern tower, lancet, chimneyhood, allegoric sculpture art, scutcheon, armorial bearings, coat of arms, choir, chancel, Croÿ, Lalaign, van den Burch
96Gothic example Horst Calste (in Sint-Pieters-Rode)Horst Calste (in Sint-Pieters-Rode)
Keywords:Castle, Chapel, Castle, Coach house, Gothic, embrasure, cross-bar frame, layer of bacon, keep, donjon, corbeling out, crenel (merlon), crenelation, battlement, spire, wallwalk (inner gallery), Tuscan colons, semi-circular (round) arch, wall painting, ceiling, stuccowork, anchor
HOLSBEEK5.7 / ~ 1100
97Gothic example TafelrondTafelrond
Arch Mattheus de Laeyens - Maxime Winders (reconstr.)
Keywords:Guildhall, Gothic, breastwork, parapet, cresting, fret, dormer, saddleback roof, baldachin (canopy), open work, cross-bar frame, semi-circular (round) arch, guerite tower, turret, concrete, statue (as an ornament), Maxime Winders, Matheus De Layens, Charles Van der Straeten
98Gothic example Saint GertrudeSaint Gertrude
Keywords:Church, Norman (Romanesque), Maas romanesque, Gothic, choir, chancel, cross ribvaulting, diagonal rib vault, basilica, semi-circular (round) arch, crypt, column dividing a window or door, limestone, western block, nave, apse, apsis, block, cushion or cubic capital, moulding, pulpit, arched corbel course, abacus, impost block, flanking aisle, side aisle
NIVELLES5.7 / ~ 1050
99Gothic example Town HallTown Hall
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Hall, Neo-gothic, Gothic, Rococo, scutcheon, armorial bearings, coat of arms, guerite tower, turret, ridgeturret, roofturret, saddleback roof, dormer, breastwork, parapet, sandstone, brick, crenel (merlon), crenelation, battlement, landing stairs, P. Langerock
100Gothic example Our Lady hospitalOur Lady hospital
Keywords:Hospital, medical, Abbey, convent, monastery, Baroque, Gothic, Rococo, stuccowork, ceiling, Augustijnen
101Gothic example Saint-Sulpitius a DionysuschurchSaint-Sulpitius a Dionysuschurch
Picture by Johan De Bock

Keywords:Church, Brabantion Gothic, Gothic, Renaissance, Classicism, Demer gothic, pulpit, crossing tower, iron sandstone holding limonite, glass frame, mausoleum, high altar, main altar, organ, buttress, boss, limestone, polychromy, carillon, choir, chancel, pillar without capital, statue (as an ornament), three-aisled, cross ribvaulting, diagonal rib vault, flying buttress, marble, nave, radial chapel, triforium, confessional, western tower, copper, Pierre de Savoye, Hendrik Van Thienen, Sulpitius van Vorst, Matheus De Layens, Guillaume of Willem Kerricx de Oudere, Keldermans
DIEST5.5 / 1321
102Gothic example Town hallTown hall
Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Museum, Classicism, Gothic, landing, fronton, landing stairs, brick, bay, span, cross-bar frame, scutcheon, armorial bearings, coat of arms, iron sandstone holding limonite, limestone, Giullaume (Willem) Ingnatius Kerricx
DIEST5.4 /
103Gothic example Halle gateHalle gate
Keywords:Town gate, Museum, Neo-gothic, Gothic, pillar, cross ribvaulting, diagonal rib vault, three-aisled, herse, portcullis, Hendrik Josef Frans Beyaert
BRUSSELS5.5 / ~ 1357
104Gothic example Saint Martin's churchSaint Martin's church
Keywords:Church, Neo-gothic, Gothic, five-aisled, baptismal font, transept, choir, chancel, nave, calvary, marble, Josef Schadde, Rombout Smits, Jan de Cleyn
DUFFEL5.5 / ~ 1486
105Gothic example Church of Our LadyChurch of Our Lady
Keywords:Church, Early gothic, Gothic, Neo-Romanesque, pointed arch, western tower, doorway (porch), marble, transept, choir, chancel, radial chapel, tympanum, three-aisled, ambulatory, triforium, organ, nave, bust, bronze, bay, span, Jan Van der Asselt, Melchior Broederlam, van Peteghem, P. Schyven
KORTRIJK5.4 / 1203
106Gothic example Town hallTown hall
Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Illuminated, Late gothic, Gothic, Renaissance, guerite tower, turret, statue (as an ornament), ridgeturret, roofturret, baldachin (canopy), finial, crocket, chimneyhood, tabernacle, ceiling, allegoric sculpture art, sandstone, cellar, Viérin
KORTRIJK5.5 / 1520
107Gothic example Town hallTown hall
Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Renaissance, Gothic, basket-handle arch, fronton, Ionic colons, pearspire, volute, Brugian span, facade, obelisk, galery, brick, arch, tower, fourcentred arch, Tudor arch, Lieven Lucas
VEURNE5.6 / 1596
108Gothic example Saint Jacob churchSaint Jacob church
Keywords:Church, Norman (Romanesque), Neo-Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, column dividing a window or door, western tower, crossing tower, spire, arched corbel course, tympanum, crocket, semi-circular (round) arch, transept, dead window, ledestone, balegemstone, marble, choir stalls, choir, chancel, radial chapel, high altar, main altar, mausoleum, communion rail, tabernacle, nave, confessional, ambulatory, Auguste Van Assche, Gaspar de Craeyer, Nicolaas Roose (de Liemaeckere), Jan Boeckhorst, Jan Van Cleef, K. Van Poecke
GHENT5.4 / ~ 1150
109Gothic example Sainte-MariachurchSainte-Mariachurch
Arch. Louis Van Overstraeten - Gustave Hansotte
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Church, Eclectism, New Bysantin, Gothic, Neo-Romanesque, dome (cupola), capital, arched corbel course, flying buttress, doorway (porch), mosaic, semi-circular (round) arch, choir, chancel, pillar, tower, radial chapel, tympanum, Louis Van Overstraeten, Gustave Hansotte
SCHAARBEEK5.6 / 1845
110Gothic example Town hallTown hall
Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Illuminated, Renaissance, Late gothic, Gothic, Tuscan colons, Ionic colons, Corinthian column, tracery, falchion motif, fronton, bullion (oculus), sculpture, Keldermans, Domien de Waghemakere
GHENT5.4 / 1519
111Gothic example Saint-QuentinSaint-Quentin
Keywords:Church, Early gothic, Scheldt Romanesque, Gothic, Norman (Romanesque), triforium, doorway (porch), ambulatory, pier arch, crossing, radial chapel, pointed arch, transept, marble, rood loft, choir screen, semi-circular (round) arch
TOURNAI5.4 / ~ 1200
112Gothic example Our-Ladies cathedralOur-Ladies cathedral
Keywords:Church, Cathedral, World Heritage, Norman (Romanesque), Gothic, Renaissance, painting, Stone from Doornik, crossing tower, portico, window with round arch, buttress, staircase turret, staircase tower, apse, apsis, tunnel vault (barrel vault), western block, transept, choir, chancel, pilaster, triforium, rood loft, choir screen, niche, truss, gallery, pointed arch, nave, chapel (in church or other building), flanking aisle, side aisle, three-aisled, clustered column, Pieter Paul Rubens, Cornelis Floris de Vriendt (Floris)
113Gothic example Ruins and museum of the Old Abbey of OrvalRuins and museum of the Old Abbey of Orval
Keywords:Abbey, convent, monastery, Ruins, Church, Neo-gothic, Norman (Romanesque), Gothic, pointed arch, gold-plated silver, solar monstrance, scalemodel, chapter room or house, historiated or figured capital, foliage capital, chalice, goblet, beaker, ribbed vault, stocky pillar, bud capital, crocket capital, inner court, capital, boss, baptismal font, cloisters, fountain, pillar, ambulatory, crossing, central aisle, Cistercienzers, Benedictijnen
114Gothic example Margaretha from Austria's former palaceMargaretha from Austria's former palace
Picture by Eddy Van Ransbeek

Keywords:Court of justice, Courthouse, justice of the peace court, New Renaissance, Gothic, Renaissance, Late gothic, Leonard Blomme, Keldermans
MECHELEN5.3 / 1517
115Gothic example Saint-BriceSaint-Brice
Keywords:Church, War damage, Norman (Romanesque), Gothic, Early gothic, crossing tower, cross ribvaulting, diagonal rib vault, tower, western tower, choir, chancel, nave, crypt