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1facade from WolsackWolsack
Keywords:Late classicism, Late baroque, Empire, baroque porche, portal, facade, bar, ring colon, painted ceiling, Belgian limestone or bluestone, wolfed roof
ANTWERP5.1 / 1563
2Pharmacy Delacre
Keywords:Corner house, Shop, Neo-gothic, New Renaissance, facade, pinnacle, stepped gable, crocket, finial, semi-circular (round) arch, layer of bacon, basket-handle arch, cross-bar frame, Brugian span, Paul Saintenoy
3Stoclet herenhuis
Keywords:Gentleman's house, Villa, Pavillion, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, staircase turret, staircase tower, figurative, Athena figure, passage, passage way, wreath, garland, statue (as an ornament), bronze, half-relief, porch, facade, facade, face, copper, symmetry, symmetric, symmetrical, white marble, Jozef Hoffmann, Franz Metzner, Gustav Klimt, Michael Powolny
4facade from Town SquareTown Square
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Illuminated, facade
BRUSSELS5.8 / ~ 950
5facade from Hôtel de VilleHôtel de Ville
Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Baroque, brick, facade, landing, Karmelieten
WAVRE5.5 /
6facade from Former Hotel de Fraula - Fortis BankFormer Hotel de Fraula - Fortis Bank
Keywords:Bank, Gentleman's house, Rococo, facade, balcony, wrought iron, bay, span, pillar, Jan Peter Van Baurscheit de Jongere
ANTWERP5.8 / ~ 1737
7facade from (Royal) Palace on the Meir - Former Susteren's house(Royal) Palace on the Meir - Former Susteren's house
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Palace, Rococo, facade, middle ressault, symmetry, symmetric, symmetrical, keystone, scutcheon, armorial bearings, coat of arms, stone, border, capital, Corinthian column, pilaster, gable, marble, chimneyhood, wainscotting, panelwork, paneling, dado, Ionic colons, stuccowork, Jan Peter Van Baurscheit de Jongere, van Susteren, Koning Leopold II, Koning Boudewijn I, Pierre Fontaine, Napoleon Bonaparte, Koning Albert I
Keywords:Shop, facade, concrete, Leon Stynen
GHENT-~ 1960
9facade from Butchers HallButchers Hall
Keywords:Library, Guildhall, Theatre, Renaissance, facade, aedicula, Pierre Nicolas Croquison, S. Smis, Jozef Vinck
VEURNE5.9 / 1615
10facade from Schamp HotelSchamp Hotel
Keywords:Gentleman's house, Colorful, Baroque, Louis XIV, facade, fronton, shellwork, piano nobile, gilt, gable, Corinthian column, pilaster, bullion (oculus), griffon, pillar without capital, Bernard De Wilde
GHENT5.2 / ~ 1720
11facade from The chairity worksThe chairity works
Keywords:Baroque, facade, breastwork, parapet, cross-bar frame, brick, volute, flame vase, sandstone, gable
GHENT5.7 / 1643
12facade from Van Rijswijck VillaVan Rijswijck Villa
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Gentleman's house, facade, limestone, sandstone, tympanum, Jacob Gustaaf Semeij
GHENT5.6 / 1897
13facade from Dutch Royal TheatreDutch Royal Theatre
Keywords:Theatre, New Renaissance, Eclectism, portico, mosaic, semi-circular (round) arch, facade, tabernacle, gable, bay, span, pillar, volute, window with round arch, bosse, balcony, balustrade, railing, statue (as an ornament), caryatid, middle ressault, Edward De Vigne, André Bauwens
GHENT5.7 / 1897
14facade from The GreyhoundThe Greyhound
Keywords:Renaissance, half-relief, tympanum, facade, ledestone, balegemstone, scutcheon, armorial bearings, coat of arms, cross-bar frame, corbeling out, Armand Janssens
GHENT5.8 / 1570
15facade from Claeys - Waterloos' HotelClaeys - Waterloos' Hotel
Keywords:Gentleman's house, Empire, cornice (corona), modillon, fronton, facade, tooth course, dentils, volute, stairhall, A. Steurbaut, Paul Robrecht, Hilde Daem, Christian Kieckens
GHENT5.6 / 1865
16facade from First house of DierkensFirst house of Dierkens
Keywords:Gentleman's house, Architect's house, Louis XVI, Empire, Jugendstil, door-catch, leaded windows, lighting, stairs, stair hall, copper, floral decoration, window seat, window sill, handrail, newel, tile, Belgian limestone or bluestone, chimneyhood, marble, glass frame, ceiling, facade, stained glass, mosaic, horizontal rule between door and fanlight, fanlight, light over door, cornice (corona), keystone, motif, bosse, stuccowork, quatrefoil, moulding, annexe, outbuilding, Ferdinand Dierkens
GHENT5.5 / 1901
17facade from Provincial CourtProvincial Court
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Post office, Illuminated, Neo-gothic, facade, white stone, bay, span, guerite tower, turret, Belgian limestone or bluestone, galery, crocket, tracery, brick, hip, staircase turret, staircase tower, spire, cresting, fret, finial, breastwork, parapet, scutcheon, armorial bearings, coat of arms, saddleback roof, recessed balcony, loggia, open work, lancet, round gallery, Louis Delacenserie, Pierre Buyck, Jules Homère Martin Coomans
BRUGES5.8 / 1887
18facade from Identieke hoekgebouwenIdentieke hoekgebouwen
Keywords:Corner house, guerite tower, turret, facade, Bernard Delwarde
19facade from The Crowned HeadsThe Crowned Heads
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:medaillon, facade, tympanum, bullion (oculus), volute, bust
GHENT5.5 / ~ 1560
20facade from House Jan BorluutHouse Jan Borluut
Keywords:Gentleman's house, Norman (Romanesque), stepped gable, scutcheon, armorial bearings, coat of arms, dripstone moulding, facade, horizontalising effect, column dividing a window or door, discharging arch, F. Van Hove
GHENT5.6 / ~ 1175
21facade from The AngelThe Angel
Keywords:Guildhall, Stone, facade, rubbles, Stone from Doornik
GHENT5.5 / ~ 1435
22facade from Old Our-Lady--Immaculate-Conception churchOld Our-Lady--Immaculate-Conception church
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Church, flame vase, facade, obelisk, fronton, Karmelieten
LIEGE5.6 / 1618
23facade from Old town hall of BilzenOld town hall of Bilzen
Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Maas Renaissance, facade, limestone of the Maas, stairs, facade, face, Lambert Derrick
BILZEN5.4 / 1686
24facade from Court of JusticeCourt of Justice
Keywords:Gentleman's house, Renaissance, balcony, tabernacle, obelisk, dormer, attic, balustrade, railing, pilaster, facade, volute, fronton, Ionic capital, bluestone, allegoric sculpture art, bay, span, moulding, Dorian colons, composite order, Sylvain Boullain
VEURNE5.4 / 1612
25facade from The Large RobinThe Large Robin
Keywords:Rococo, balcony, facade, sandstone, wrought iron, bluestone, Jan Peter Van Baurscheit de Jongere, Van Dael, Joseph Hertogs
26facade from de Saint-Cyr Housede Saint-Cyr House
Arch. Gustave Strauven
Picture by Simone

Keywords:Art Nouveau, balcony, facade, recessed balcony, loggia, wrought iron, balustrade, railing, floor, storey, Gustave Strauven
BRUSSELS5.4 / 1901
27facade from Saint Joris' guilthouseSaint Joris' guilthouse
Keywords:Guildhall, obelisk, gable, facade, herme, half-relief, medaillon, statue (as an ornament), Jef Lambeaux
28facade from In the Half MoonIn the Half Moon
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:rocaille, bullion (oculus), facade, gable
GHENT5.4 / 1746
29facade from Our Lady of the Good Advise chapel (in Arquennes)Our Lady of the Good Advise chapel (in Arquennes)
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Chapel, facade, miracle statue, altar, scutcheon, armorial bearings, coat of arms, oak wood, choir, chancel, nave, Fam. de Berghes
30facade from Sint-Hermeskerk en crypteSint-Hermeskerk en crypte
Keywords:Church, Late gothic, Norman (Romanesque), crypt, transept, western tower, semi-circular (round) arch, pillar, window with round arch, facade, nave, spire, choir, chancel, saving niche, crossing tower
RONSE5.5 /
31facade from In GroeningeIn Groeninge
Keywords:New Baroque, galery, bullion (oculus), volute, facade, balustrade, railing, gable, cross-bar frame, Charles De Wulf
BRUGES5.5 / ~ 1904
32facade from Jacob Cnoop's houseJacob Cnoop's house
Keywords:basket-handle arch, corbeling out, bay, span, facade, sandstone, tracery, console, modillion, bracket, Brugian span, pillar, pier, pointed gable, trilobate, trefoil tracery, crocket, gable, Jacob Cnoop
BRUGES5.6 / 1516
33facade from Wooden Fassade 1963 Wooden Fassade 1963
Keywords:wooden facade, trilobate, trefoil tracery, facade, gable, cantilever, brick, stone, console, modillion, bracket, Antoine Dugardyn
BRUGES5.5 / 1963
34facade from In the Fashioned FarmerIn the Fashioned Farmer
Keywords:Gentleman's house, Rococo, rocaille, facade
35facade from Genuese LogeGenuese Loge
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Guildhall, Gothic, lancet, tympanum, tympanum, trilobate, trefoil tracery, tracery, ledestone, balegemstone, quatrefoil, doorway (porch), facade, bell-shaped gable, gable, pillar, corbelstone, nave, aisle, cellar
BRUGES5.2 / 1399
36facade from Gruuthuuse palaceGruuthuuse palace
Keywords:Gentleman's house, Neo-classicism, facade, pilaster, fronton, breastwork, parapet, bay, span, composite order, baluster
GHENT4.9 / 1852
37Sint-Geertuiabdij met Thiery Vleugel
Keywords:Abbey, convent, monastery, facade
38facade from The CoinThe Coin
Keywords:Horeca, Gothic, facade, stone, trilobate, trefoil tracery, cross-bar frame, pointed gable, tracery, Brugian span, finial, fourcentred arch, Tudor arch
39facade from The White PelicanThe White Pelican
Keywords:Renaissance, tympanum, fronton, facade, bullion (oculus), corbeling out
BRUGES5.4 / 1672
40House Deweert
Keywords:Gentleman's house, Bank, chimneyhood, stairs, mirror, dome (cupola), marble, oriel, projecting window, parquet(ry) floor, door handle, stairhandrail, stuccowork, stair hall, cast iron, bluestone, facade, balcony, landing, leaded windows, iron sandstone holding limonite, shellwork, bullion (oculus), bay, span, André Daniëls
41facade from The WheatflowerThe Wheatflower
Keywords:Baroque, bullion (oculus), volute, facade, gable, festoon, swag, fronton, Lucas Faid'herbe
MECHELEN5.1 / 1684
42University Of Leuven's Central Library
Keywords:Library, Renaissance, Baroque, spire, gable, open work, tower, obelisk, galery, shellwork, saddleback roof, tabernacle, fronton, dripstone moulding, dormer, baluster, engaged column, inbedded column, statue (as an ornament), half-relief, facade, volute, semi-circular (round) arch, pillar, pier, festoon, swag, bust, Whitney Warren, Koning Leopold III, Koning Albert I, Jean Dampt, Elisabeth
43facade from Meat hallMeat hall
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Hall, Museum, 16th century traditional architecture (maconry and sandstone), Maas Renaissance, hip, facade, cross-bar frame
NAMUR6 / 1588
44facade from Corn Measurer's houseCorn Measurer's house
Keywords:Guildhall, Baroque, Renaissance, stepped gable, facade, moulding, volute, sandstone, cartouch, layer of bacon, brick, cross-bar frame, festoon, swag, Joseph De Waele
GHENT5.9 / 1698
45facade from City hallCity hall
Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Abbey, convent, monastery, New Renaissance, gable, balcony, facade, Ionic colons, scutcheon, armorial bearings, coat of arms, breastwork, parapet, Dorian colons, floor, storey, baluster, Zusters Alexianen
TIELT5.6 / 1875
46facade from BrigittinenBrigittinen
Keywords:Church, Abbey, convent, monastery, Museum, Theatre, Baroque, facade, pilaster, brick, volute, flame vase, sandstone, mouldings, Leonard van Heil
47facade from The Star - The Red StarThe Star - The Red Star
48facade from The Tomcat and the CatThe Tomcat and the Cat
Arch. Hendrik Beyaert
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:New Renaissance, New Baroque, atlant, balcony, facade, pilaster, semi-circular (round) arch, caryatid, obelisk, bay, span, Hendrik Josef Frans Beyaert
BRUSSELS5.9 / 1874
49facade from Fallagan gentleman's houseFallagan gentleman's house
Keywords:Gentleman's house, Rococo, middle ressault, fronton, bay, span, bullion (oculus), balcony, facade, Corinthian column, Catherine wheel, wheelwindow, Bernard De Wilde
GHENT5.6 / 1755
50facade from Meat hallMeat hall
Keywords:Guildhall, Neo-gothic, lancet, layer of bacon, facade
LIER5.6 / ~ 1418
51facade from Town hallTown hall
Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Renaissance, Gothic, basket-handle arch, fronton, Ionic colons, pearspire, volute, Brugian span, facade, obelisk, galery, brick, arch, tower, fourcentred arch, Tudor arch, Lieven Lucas
VEURNE5.6 / 1596
52facade from Town hallTown hall
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Belfry, bell-tower, Brabantion Gothic, Late gothic, statue (as an ornament), cross ribvaulting, diagonal rib vault, corbelstone, baldachin (canopy), gargouille, tower, facade, cresting, fret, ridge, apex, sculpture, saddleback roof, galery, dormer, breastwork, parapet, sandstone, gallery, open work, trilobate, trefoil tracery, balcony, lancet, ledestone, balegemstone, Hendrik van Pede (van Pee)
OUDENAARDE5.6 / 1526
53facade from The turretThe turret
Keywords:Guildhall, guerite, stepped gable, dripstone moulding, facade, saddleback roof, cross-bar frame
GHENT5.6 / 1452
54Justice building
Keywords:Court of justice, Courthouse, justice of the peace court, Neo-gothic, half-relief, scutcheon, armorial bearings, coat of arms, statue (as an ornament), facade, sandstone, bluestone, bronze, Paul Saintenoy, Mascré
55facade from Town hall and belfryTown hall and belfry
Arch. Pieter Van Kerckhove.
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Belfry, bell-tower, Neo-gothic, facade, spire, guerite tower, turret, Pieter Van Kerkhove
56facade from City HallCity Hall
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Neo-classicism, lantern roof, lantern tower, facade, wrought iron, carillon, balcony, sandstone, dado, socle, clockwork, gilt, Lodewijk Roelandt
57facade from Havard HouseHavard House
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:timber framing, slate, slatestone, corbeling out, facade, recessed balcony, loggia, cornice (corona)
LIEGE5.6 /
58facade from Baudeloo Abbey and chapelBaudeloo Abbey and chapel
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Abbey, convent, monastery, Sad, Chapel, Library, facade, organ, carillon, van Peteghem
GHENT5.3 / ~ 1602
59facade from De Kuip of GhentDe Kuip of Ghent
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

60facade from Lexhy Castle (in Horion)Lexhy Castle (in Horion)
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Castle, pilaster, bay, span, fronton, facade, belvédère, tower, scutcheon, armorial bearings, coat of arms
61facade from The ClockThe Clock
Keywords:stepped gable, cross-bar frame, half-relief, fourcentred arch, Tudor arch, window, facade, bell, flame vase, Armand Janssens
GHENT5.7 / ~ 1650
62facade from Big FlandersBig Flanders
Keywords:Corner house, Art Deco, volute, cartouch, bell-shaped gable, gable, border, sandstone, facade, brick, bullion (oculus), fronton, piece of aisle
BRUGES5.7 / 1717
63facade from Rococo facadeRococo facade
Keywords:Rococo, landing stairs, balcony, wrought iron, breastwork, parapet, facade, segmental arch
64facade from The new small towerThe new small tower
Keywords:New Baroque, shellwork, Ionic colons, tympanum, pearspire, stone, oriel, projecting window, cartouch, stepped gable, tower, facade, brick, gable, bay, span, Oscar De Breuck
BRUGES5.6 / 1885
65Ledoux art nouveau house
Keywords:House in a row, Art Nouveau, dripstone moulding, bay, span, facade, string, painting, J. Ledoux
66Swiss Live Belgium
Keywords:Office building, Modern, granite, facade, mirror glass, reflecting glass, polished, oriel, projecting window, Montois Partners Architects, Hugo Van Kuyck
Keywords:Cubism, ressault, bay, span, wing, aisle, facade, pillar, pier, Jean de Ligne
68facade from Abbey barn Ter Doest (in Lissewege)Abbey barn Ter Doest (in Lissewege)
Keywords:Landscape, Farm, Abbey, convent, monastery, Gothic, brick, open truss, buttress, saddleback roof, hand-moulded brick, facade, oak wood, Cistercienzers
BRUGGE5.4 / ~ 1275
69facade from The Flute Player - The Flying Dear - The HellThe Flute Player - The Flying Dear - The Hell
Keywords:Horeca, Baroque, gable, volute, terra cotta, statue (as an ornament), festoon, swag, facade
GHENT5.2 / 1669
70facade from Large BeguinageLarge Beguinage
Keywords:Beguinage, Pump, volute, timber framing, cantilever, pavilion roof, calcareous sandstone, brick, facade, pearspire
LEUVEN5.8 / ~ 1250
71facade from Musuem for natural sciencesMusuem for natural sciences
Picture by Thierry Hubin

Keywords:Museum, Dissapeared, Art Nouveau, spiral staircase, wrought iron, facade
72facade from In the Mill's prairieIn the Mill's prairie
Keywords:timber framing, mat work, facade, beam, brick
73facade from TownhallTownhall
Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Belfry, bell-tower, Hall, Baroque, brick, carillon, moulding, tower, facade, marl stone, pilaster, marble, stuccowork, medaillon, bell, frieze, Willem Govaerts, Andreas van den Gheyn
SINT-TRUIDEN5.7 / 1606
74Old Continental Hotel
Keywords:Sad, middle ressault, fronton, pillar, caryatid, moulding, breastwork, parapet, open work, facade, cornice (corona)
75facade from The Orange TreeThe Orange Tree
Keywords:Corner house, Baroque, pilaster, facade
76facade from The CarillonThe Carillon
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Horeca, Colorful, facade
77facade from City hall City hall
Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Rococo, landing, astrolabe, rocaille, fronton, balcony, tympanum, wrought iron, pier, facade, bay, span, breastwork, parapet, J. Delmotte, David 't Kindt
LOKEREN5.1 / 1761
78facade from The CupThe Cup
Keywords:Horeca, Baroque, cartouch, stepped gable, brick, semi-circular (round) arch, discharging arch, facade, putti, bullion (oculus)
BRUGES5.7 / ~ 1718
79facade from English cloisterEnglish cloister
Keywords:Abbey, convent, monastery, Church, Late baroque, tabernacle, composite order, fronton, pilaster, dome (cupola), facade, pendentive, marble, high altar, main altar, Hendrik Pulinx, Guido Gezelle
BRUGES5.4 / 1629
80facade from Casa SerenaCasa Serena
Keywords:Horeca, Colorful, Louis XIV, facade
GHENT5.6 / ~ 1711
81facade from The BalanceThe Balance
Keywords:Guildhall, Gothic, Renaissance, pointed gable, obelisk, facade, pillar, pinnacle, Belgian limestone or bluestone, Bruno Gerrits
82facade from Egmont PalaceEgmont Palace
Keywords:Palace, Classicism, Renaissance, facade, portico, wing, aisle, van Egmond of van Egmont, Tieleman-Franciscus Suys, van Arenberg, Jean-Nicolas Servandoni, Octave Flanneau
83facade from Beernaerts' HouseBeernaerts' House
Arch. J..G. Semeij
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Gentleman's house, New Renaissance, middle ressault, fronton, calcareous sandstone, gable, shellwork, engaged column, inbedded column, volute, blocked posts, candelabrum, medaillon, facade, baluster, bust, Jacob Gustaaf Semeij, Laurent Delveaux
GHENT5.5 / 1904
84facade from Town hallTown hall
Arch. Jean-Gilles Jacobs
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Town hall, city hall, carillon, fronton, symmetry, symmetric, symmetrical, bell, clockwork, landing stairs, scutcheon, armorial bearings, coat of arms, lantern roof, lantern tower, middle ressault, facade, gilt, Jean-Gilles Jacobs
HUY5.6 / 1766
85facade from Cloth Measures' HouseCloth Measures' House
Keywords:Guildhall, Classicism, Rococo, neck gable, breastwork, parapet, festoon, swag, landing, landing stairs, window threshold, wrought iron, border, facade, fronton, bay, span, lambrequin, Bernard De Wilde
GHENT5.4 / 1770
86facade from Holy HouseHoly House
Keywords:Corner house, 16th century traditional architecture (maconry and sandstone), facade, terra cotta, statue (as an ornament)
87facade from Museum for Art - De Coninck's HotelMuseum for Art - De Coninck's Hotel
Keywords:Gentleman's house, Museum, Rococo, ledestone, balegemstone, Catherine wheel, wheelwindow, middle ressault, breastwork, parapet, cornice (corona), balcony, facade, furniture, segmental arch, wing, aisle, cast iron, David 't Kindt, Arrow
GHENT5.4 / 1755
88facade from Town hallTown hall
Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Gothic, Neo-gothic, ridgeturret, roofturret, boss, lancet, doorway (porch), sandstone, tracery, crocket, finial, cross ribvaulting, diagonal rib vault, Escausine stone, trilobate, trefoil tracery, statue (as an ornament), bell, iron, wing, aisle, wrought iron, facade, balcony, brass, Matheus De Layens
MONS5.5 / 1458
89facade from Baecx Convent Baecx Convent
Keywords:spoutfacade, bullion (oculus), facade
MECHELEN5.1 / 1547
90facade from The Flying HorseThe Flying Horse
Keywords:House in a row, Rococo, facade, Bruegel
91facade from Saint-John's hospitalSaint-John's hospital
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Hospital, medical, Abbey, convent, monastery, Scheldt Gothic, Norman (Romanesque), Neo-classicism, annexe, outbuilding, portico, bullion (oculus), tympanum, quatrefoil, saddleback roof, passage under semi-circular arch, pointed gable, dormitorium, tower, lancet, truss, toilet, wing, aisle, oak wood, half-relief, staircase turret, staircase tower, bud capital, crocket capital, chapel (in church or other building), facade, pillar, pier arch
92Astra Gardens
Keywords:Office building, Modern, facade, concrete, granite, Assar
93Christ King chruch
Keywords:Church, Art Deco, New Bysantin, choir, chancel, dome-shaped roof, high altar, main altar, dome (cupola), pendentive, tooth course, dentils, tabernacle, pulpit, organ, capital, drum, semi-circular (round) arch, white stone, glass frame, pillar, statue (as an ornament), crucifix, baldachin (canopy), portico, facade, concrete, brick, Jos (Frans Jozef) Smolderen
94facade from TempliershouseTempliershouse
Keywords:Stone, Post office, Early gothic, lancet, corbelstone, trilobate, trefoil tracery, spire, trefoil arch, stone, saddleback roof, breastwork, parapet, crenel (merlon), crenelation, battlement, guerite tower, turret, facade, dormer, bay, span, weather vane, finial, cresting, fret, Stephan (Etienne) Mortier
IEPER5.4 / ~ 1250
95facade from HansahouseHansahouse
Arch. J..Hertogs
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Gentleman's house, Eclectism, turret, lantern roof, lantern tower, facade, pillar, pilaster, dome-shaped roof, statue (as an ornament), festoon, swag, Joseph Hertogs
ANTWERP5.2 / 1897
96facade from Old Exchange - the RhineOld Exchange - the Rhine
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:16th century traditional architecture (maconry and sandstone), Late gothic, inner court, tower, galery, trilobate, trefoil tracery, belvédère, capital, pillar, corbeling out, facade, Domien de Waghemakere
ANTWERP5.8 / 1515
97facade from Our Ladieschurch of RupelmondeOur Ladieschurch of Rupelmonde
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Church, Rococo, Late baroque, copper, painting, altar, crossing tower, statue (as an ornament), balustrade, railing, high altar, main altar, baptismal font, pulpit, marble, confessional, lantern roof, lantern tower, dome-shaped roof, fronton, medaillon, facade, scutcheon, armorial bearings, coat of arms, tower, choir, chancel, Jozef Paelinck, Jacob Jordaens, Pieter-Paul Merckx, Pieter Paul Rubens, Anton (Anthonie) van Dyck
KRUIBEKE5.9 / 1661
98facade from Our Lady of the PuddleOur Lady of the Puddle
Keywords:Church, Brabantion Gothic, Baroque, doorway (porch), gablet, Gobertangerstone, baldachin (canopy), crossing tower, tabernacle, tower, side chapel, finial, quatrefoil, tracery, altar, high altar, main altar, marble, transept, trilobate, trefoil tracery, choir, chancel, spire, balcony, glass frame, lancet, open work, facade, pinnacle, dead window, gable, Jean (Jehan) d'Oisy (Osy), Keldermans, Matheus De Layens, Jacob (Jacques) Van Thienen, Sulpitius van Vorst, Botson de Racour, Duquesnoy
TIENEN5.5 / 1358
99facade from Former PostFormer Post
Arch. Louis Cloquet
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Market under roof, Post office, Flat, apartment, Eclectism, New Renaissance, Neo-gothic, pointed arch, statue (as an ornament), crocket, finial, scutcheon, armorial bearings, coat of arms, basket-handle arch, tower, facade, middle ressault, spire, bay, span, clockwork, Louis Cloquet
GHENT5.3 / 1898
100facade from House 16th centuryHouse 16th century
Keywords:stepped gable, cross-bar frame, tympanum, brick facade, Brugian span, tracery, trilobate, trefoil tracery, anchor, facade, outer wall pier
BRUGES5.2 / ~ 1525
101facade from The Golden Tree and the CornflowerThe Golden Tree and the Cornflower
Keywords:fronton, brick, frame, sandstone, facade, moulding
DIEST5.3 /
102facade from In the Green House - in the PachaIn the Green House - in the Pacha
Keywords:facade, timber framing
103facade from The False WorldThe False World
Keywords:Gentleman's house, cross-bar frame, bullion (oculus), moulding, facade, doorway (porch)
MAASEIK5.3 / 1686
104facade from The Stone HouseThe Stone House
Keywords:Gentleman's house, Baroque, fronton, facade, pilaster, Dorian colons, doorway (porch), Ionic capital
MAASEIK5.2 / ~ 1690
105facade from Former Landhouse of Brugian FreedomFormer Landhouse of Brugian Freedom
Keywords:Renaissance, Classicism, Baroque, balcony, fronton, pillar, cornice (corona), facade, pointed gable, guerite, Jan Vanden Poele, Jan van der Cruycen, Lanceloot Blondeel
BRUGES5.5 / 1726
106facade from Villa MaritzaVilla Maritza
Keywords:Villa, Eclectism, New Renaissance, New Baroque, Neo-classicism, bosse, moulding, stone, portico, facade, Antoine Dujardin
OOSTENDE5.3 / 1885
107facade from Saint Aldegonde Church (in Feluy)Saint Aldegonde Church (in Feluy)
Keywords:Church, western block, facade, anchor
SENEFFE5 / ~ 1722