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Lexhy Castle (in Horion) in GRACE-HOLLOGNE

Lexhy Castle (in Horion) GRACE-HOLLOGNE picture e
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)


The history of the seigniory of Lexhy goes back to the 8th century.

One of the first counts known was Libert de Warfusée, who had married Agnes d'Awirs. There is a legend linked to him. After the death of Agnes, Libert decide the changing the castle in abbeye. One day, a lonesome knight was attracted by the sound of the bells. When he arrived into the chappel, he was overwhelmed by the serenity of this place - so he kneeled. This prooved to Libert that this was a gentleman - so he asked him to stay over night. During the talks at dinner - Libert realises that the lonesome knight was Raes de Dammartin, a member of the French Royal family. Libert offers him the hand of his daughter Alix... Count Raes de Dammartin and Alix de Warfusée had 2 suns... who are considered as the ancestors of the highest noble families in the Liege area.

As history passes by, the domain goes into different hands... Around 1837, the castle is in a bad shape...

Baron de Blanckart, who had married Van Liederlkercke (owner of the property), liked the area. After his monther in law falling from the stairs in the old castle, he decided to build a new castle. The old castle - which stood where now a small lake is - was destructed, and a little further the new one was built.

The new castle has a 57 metres long symmetrical fassade, divided into 7
spans. The center carries a largefronton, supported by 4
pilasters. The fronton carries the scutcheon linked to the
alliance between de Blanckart and von Hövel. In the heart of the building, there is a
tower belvédère, offering nice views on the surroundings.

According to Jean Grimbérieux (translated by us) the legend is wrong: 'There is no Raes de Dammartin linked to the french royal family. More than a century ago, the historian Camille de Borman prooved this legend is just a nice story... There was a Raes de Donmartin, but he was a local Sir. '