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1tunnel vault (barrel vault) from Begijnhofkerk Sint-AgnesBegijnhofkerk Sint-Agnes
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Church, Baroque, Early gothic, Norman (Romanesque), tunnel vault (barrel vault), tympanum, wall painting, side altar, high altar, main altar, choir, chancel, tympanum, passage under semi-circular arch, three-aisled, bay, span, pier arch, central aisle
2tunnel vault (barrel vault) from Our-Ladies cathedralOur-Ladies cathedral
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Church, Cathedral, World Heritage, Norman (Romanesque), Gothic, Renaissance, painting, Stone from Doornik, crossing tower, portico, window with round arch, buttress, staircase turret, staircase tower, apse, apsis, tunnel vault (barrel vault), western block, transept, choir, chancel, pilaster, triforium, rood loft, choir screen, niche, truss, gallery, pointed arch, nave, chapel (in church or other building), flanking aisle, side aisle, three-aisled, clustered column, Pieter Paul Rubens, Cornelis Floris de Vriendt (Floris)
3tunnel vault (barrel vault) from Saint-MartinSaint-Martin
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Church, Late gothic, pearspire, spire, tunnel vault (barrel vault), buttress, tower, cross ribvaulting, diagonal rib vault, hall-church
PECQ4.9 / ~ 1450
4tunnel vault (barrel vault) from Saint Catherines' churchSaint Catherines' church
Picture by Jean-Pierre Pottelancie

Keywords:Church, Gothic, tunnel vault (barrel vault), hall-church, brick, tower
5tunnel vault (barrel vault) from Bouillon castle (Castle of Godfried of Bouillon)Bouillon castle (Castle of Godfried of Bouillon)
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Castle, Illuminated, Townwall, Ruins, vault, latrine, herse, portcullis, tunnel vault (barrel vault), pointed arch, semi-circular (round) arch
6tunnel vault (barrel vault) from Institute of the Ursulines (in Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Waver )Institute of the Ursulines (in Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Waver )
Picture by Eddy Van Leuven

Keywords:Abbey, convent, monastery, School, university, Garden, parc, Church, Chapel, Art Nouveau, Neo-gothic, Neo-classicism, Neo-Romanesque, Empire, leaded windows, glass roof, arbour, tunnel vault (barrel vault), staircase turret, staircase tower, crypt, nave, calvary, galery, triforium, Eduard Careels, Ursulinen
7tunnel vault (barrel vault) from Saint Amand churchSaint Amand church
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Church, Neo-Romanesque, triforium, confessional, semi-circular (round) arch, arcade, tunnel vault (barrel vault), brick, rose window, leaded windows, foliage capital, organ, pillar, column dividing a window or door, apse, apsis, nave, western tower, baptismal font, choir, chancel, layer of bacon, Josef Schadde
ROESELARE5.6 / 1869
8tunnel vault (barrel vault) from Saint-Jacques' churchSaint-Jacques' church
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Church, Gothic, Renaissance, Norman (Romanesque), Late gothic, Maas romanesque, stellar vaulting, organ-case, organ, western block, chapter church, stained glass, statue (as an ornament), window with round arch, lancet, polychromy, tunnel vault (barrel vault), radial chapel, rib, herve, joist, clustered column, triforium, quatrefoil, saving niche, trilobate, trefoil tracery, pearspire, festoon, swag, central aisle, brick, triumpharc, medaillon, dado, socle, crypt, flanking aisle, side aisle, doorway (porch), A. van Mulcken, Balderik II, Benedictijnen, Lambert Lombard, Jean Del Cour
LIEGE5.5 /
9tunnel vault (barrel vault) from Church of Sint-Jacob-op-de-KoudenbergChurch of Sint-Jacob-op-de-Koudenberg
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Church, Neo-classicism, Corinthian column, domed vault, spherical vault, pillar, fronton, statue (as an ornament), half-relief, arcade, portico, tunnel vault (barrel vault), fresco, Louis Joseph Montoyer, Tieleman-Franciscus Suys, Jean Portaels, Egide Mélot, Godecharle, Laurent Delveaux, Joseph Anrion
BRUSSELS5.7 / ~ 1785
10tunnel vault (barrel vault) from Our-Lady from the PotterieOur-Lady from the Potterie
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Home for the elderly, Museum, Hospital, medical, Church, pointed arch, pentice, tunnel vault (barrel vault), pointed gable, lancet, brick, finial, tracery, tabernacle, staircase turret, staircase tower, pier arch, choir, chancel, pillar, ridgeturret, roofturret, semi-circular (round) arch
BRUGES5.6 / 1276
11tunnel vault (barrel vault) from Our-Ladies Church (in Pommeroeul)Our-Ladies Church (in Pommeroeul)
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Church, Gothic, pointed arch, tower, spire, tunnel vault (barrel vault), tower shell, pulpit, cast iron
12tunnel vault (barrel vault) from Saint-Ludgerus' churchSaint-Ludgerus' church
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Church, Baroque, Late baroque, central aisle, three-aisled, sacristy, pearspire, piece of aisle, pier, flanking aisle, side aisle, tower, urn, volute, lantern roof, lantern tower, bust, choir, chancel, moulding, tunnel vault (barrel vault), Stone from Doornik, iron, copper, choir stalls, holy-water font, stoup, oak wood, organ, pulpit, communion rail, confessional, alabaster, baptismal font, Guillaume of Willem Kerricx de Oudere, Jan Vrijeels, Nijs, Augustijnen, Erasmus en Artus Quellin, van Peteghem
ZELE5.1 / 1699
13tunnel vault (barrel vault) from Biloke abbeyBiloke abbey
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Hospital, medical, Abbey, convent, monastery, lancet, trilobate, trefoil tracery, spoutfacade, truss, brick, quatrefoil, tracery, gate house, oak wood, Stone from Doornik, chapel (in church or other building), rosette, tunnel vault (barrel vault), trefoil arch, pillar, blind arcade, dead window, campanile, bud capital, crocket capital, dormitorium, Cistercienzers
GHENT5.4 / ~ 1250
14tunnel vault (barrel vault) from Abbey Villers-la-VilleAbbey Villers-la-Ville
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Abbey, convent, monastery, Ruins, Church, Gothic, buttress, window with round arch, lancet, transept, nave, bullion (oculus), choir, chancel, cross ribvaulting, diagonal rib vault, three-aisled, tunnel vault (barrel vault), saddleback roof, Cistercienzers
15tunnel vault (barrel vault) from Dominican cloistre - The PandDominican cloistre - The Pand
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Abbey, convent, monastery, School, university, Classicism, Baroque, saddleback roof, chapter room or house, tunnel vault (barrel vault), doorway (porch), Stone from Doornik, wall painting, belt arch, dormitorium, Dominicanen, Michel Bourgois, Ernest Van Hamme
GHENT5.8 /
16tunnel vault (barrel vault) from Saint John the Baptist and Evangelist churchSaint John the Baptist and Evangelist church
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Church, Baroque, Gothic, Brabantion Gothic, high altar, main altar, painting, half-relief, confessional, triptych, reliquary, pulpit, statue (as an ornament), organ, choir stalls, lancet, organ-case, marble, tombstone, grave stone, western tower, tub, vat, central aisle, bust, three-aisled, choir, chancel, sandstone, moulding, transept, chapel (in church or other building), pointed arch, horizontalising effect, nave, tunnel vault (barrel vault), window with round arch, oak wood, belfry window, putti, stuccowork, Pieter Paul Rubens, Franchoys, Nicolaas van der Veken, Pieter Valckx, Theodoor Verhaegen, Lucas Faid'herbe, Willem Herreyns, Gaspar de Craeyer, Jacob Jordaens, Duquesnoy
17tunnel vault (barrel vault) from Saint Peter & Paul's churchSaint Peter & Paul's church
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Church, Gothic, organ-case, bell, terra cotta, pulpit, belfry window, high altar, main altar, confessional, painting, calvary, statue (as an ornament), western tower, baptismal font, three-aisled, Belgian limestone or bluestone, tunnel vault (barrel vault), nave, choir, chancel, transept, F.J. Verbruecken
18tunnel vault (barrel vault) from All Saints churchAll Saints church
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Church, Norman (Romanesque), Gothic, Neo-Romanesque, crossing tower, semi-circular (round) arch, capital, theotheque, statue (as an ornament), crucifix, three-aisled, cul de lampe, baldachin (canopy), staircase turret, staircase tower, noth transepts, sandstone, pillar, domed vault, spherical vault, choir, chancel, niche, transept, pendentive, pearspire, baptismal font, central aisle, tunnel vault (barrel vault)
BERNISSART5.5 / ~ 1150
19tunnel vault (barrel vault) from Saint-Rochuschurch (Sombeke)Saint-Rochuschurch (Sombeke)
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Church, Baroque, Classicism, spire, piece of aisle, volute, tabernacle, flame vase, cruciform church, belfry window, clockwork, single-aisled, brick, tunnel vault (barrel vault), organ
WAASMUNSTER5.6 / ~ 1643
20tunnel vault (barrel vault) from Ter Heyden TowerTer Heyden Tower
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:keep, donjon, layer of bacon, vault, spiral staircase, iron sandstone holding limonite, tunnel vault (barrel vault), brick, sandstone
ROTSELAAR5.7 / ~ 1350
21tunnel vault (barrel vault) from Hof van GruuthuuseHof van Gruuthuuse
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Museum, Palace, Statue, Gothic, Neo-gothic, dormer, Brugian span, pointed arch, stone, pointed gable, tympanum, breastwork, parapet, cross-bar frame, galery, tabernacle, tunnel vault (barrel vault), console, modillion, bracket, Louis Delacenserie
22tunnel vault (barrel vault) from Waroux towerWaroux tower
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Castle, Norman (Romanesque), keep, donjon, tunnel vault (barrel vault), groin vault, castle moat
AMAY5.1 / ~ 1200