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Jehay Castle in AMAY

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Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

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A lot of the history of the castle was lost during the von Rundstedt offensive, because the archieves that were situated in Bastogne got then destroyed. A certain Jehan, what corrupted via Jehaing or Jahin to Jehay, lived there roud 1130, In 1492 a certain Jehanne de Sart married Arnould de Mérode. During more than 2 centuries the castle was in posession of the family of count de Mérode,and great restaurations were done. Round 1550 the castle got his actual form (the older foundations and cellars were preserved). In 1680 Ferdinand-Maximiliaan de Mérode sold the castle to François de Gand- Vilain van den Steen. In 1978 count Guy van den Steen (1905-1999) sold this castle to the county of Luik . Since the death of the count 20 december 1999, the province is complete owner. With the sale the count(himself a well known archeologe and sculpteur) wanted to protect his important collection of works of art and archeological discoveries. The 'checkerboardpattern' of the towers and fassades with white blocs is exceptional in our region , but can be found in the region of Saïda in Libanon. The grey innerwalls are made of limestone,what often is used in gothic. The general style of the castle is is Renaissance. The castle is used as museum for about 22.000 archeologic discoveries.The interieur (with a piano from 1780 and a mass art objects) is worth the visit. The castle was situated near the old ancient roman way to Tongeren, what expains the Romanderuins. If you understand French and want to know more, then surf towww.prov- liege.be/culture/jehay.htm or to the site of Patrick Betrand.