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Carolus Borromeus Church in ANTWERP 1 / ANTWERP
(Hendrik Conscienceplein 6)

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Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

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This typical baroque church was built by the Jesuits between 1615 and 1621 to a design drawn up by their rector Francois Aguillon and Brother Peter Huyssens. It was built during the Counter-Reformation and was intended to revive the faith of believers Rubens played an important part in the decoration of the facade , the pinnacle of the tower and especially of the interior. Sadly, 39 great Rubens ceiling paintings were lost in a fire in 1718 and most of the original marble was also destroyed. The apse of the main altar and the Mary Chapel were spared and still convey an impression of the church’s former splendor. The present interior was created by Jan Peter van Baurscheit the Elder, who also built the pulpit and the splendid casing for the Forceville organ. There are also sculptures and wood carvings by Michiel van der Voort, Andries de Nole and others. A single painting hangs above the altar but it is not always the same one. An original mechanism which is still in working order makes it possible to change the paintings.

After Joost van der Voort (translated by us): 'In this beautiful church one finds artswork of sculptor Michiel van der Voort-the Elder. Investigation lears that - however moved through history after the fire - still 2 confessionals from Michiel can be found on the north side of the church, as well as all medaillons about the life of Franciscus of Xaverius. Very worthwile seeing. Also above the galery on the sides we find medaillons by Michiel van der Voort- the Elder, in collaboration with Bauerscheid -de Oude, the works of mercy. The confessionals are left and right of the Saint- Ignatius chapel, where one also finds the statue of the Holy Johannes Nepomucenus made by the same sculptor'.