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Ter Beurze in BRUGES
(Vlamingstraat 35)

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This building was constructed in order of Jacob van der Buerse in 1423.Today the bank KBC owns this building.

Its name is related to the concept 'Beurs-Purse', such as we know it today. This is so because of the fact that the hotel managers of the pub Ter Buerse, dated form 1285 and erected by Robert van der Buerse was opgericht,were famous because they advised the foreign merchants juridically and commercially. This function lies at the base of the present purse. It is also the base of the word 'PUSRE-stock exchange' known in several languages.( f.i. 'bourse'in french).

During the 18th century the fassade of this building was restaurated with a fassade with pilasters with a wide fronton. In 1947 it was restored in its original situation by Jos Priem, which was inspired with traces of foundations end old gravures-pictures.

This fassade is related to the on of the Black House, that is from the same period.

The entrance with a pointed arch in stone from doornik posesess a richely decorated border, set with crockets, and crowned with a finial.

De vensters zijn ingebouwd in rondbogigeThe windows are worked in round arched Brugian spans. These are decorated with coupled trefoil traceries.

In the interior are two of the original statues wich decorated the fassade of the town hall before it was restaurated. In the windows with leaded windows you can see among others the scutchion of the family Buerse. You can find this scutcheon back on the corbal pieces of the supporting beams carrying the ceiling of the groundfloor.

The groundfloor is connected with the first floor with nice stairs, with a respectable nevel and stairhandrail.

You can also see a beautiful ceiling on the first floor with a ancient looking Ook in de voorplaats op de eerste verdieping is een fraai plafond te zien met een oud ogende supporting beam, there is also a beautiful parquetery floor.

The cellars show medieval situations,although there are some doubt about this. The stones are quite suggestive...

In the caretakers house there is a very special ellytic formed staircas, and a few beautiful marble chimneyhoods.